There are not enough product marketers in the world.
But the work still needs to get done.

With hiring being so tough, a fractional product marketer is a flexible, affordable option to achieve your objectives.
70% of organisations said they'd consider a fractional product marketer when they realised it was an option.*
Get The Work Done
  • Discover.
    Understand your current place in the market.
    We'll diagnose the context, your competitors, customers and your place in the market with a deep dive into the previous year of business.

    ↳ Focus areas: market research, customer interviews, internal interviews, product research, and review of secondary insights.
  • Define.
    Define your strategy and value to the market. Strategy is about choice. Here we help you choose where to play, and how to play in the market.

    ↳ Focus areas: segmentation, personas, targeting and objectives, positioning.
  • Deliver.
    Execute your strategy and go-to-market.
    GTM is the tactification of your strategy. I'll help you put your GTM strategy together to deliver your sales and marketing plan.

    ↳ Focus areas: GTM planning, budgeting, GTM execution.
  • How The Work Gets Done.
    Three flexible options.
    From just a one-hour consultation to full project delivery, I offer three ways of working:

    ↳ Do it myself (I'll advise you).
    ↳ Do it together (We'll split the work between us).
    ↳ Do it for me (I'll do all the work).
Consulting for clients is rarely a binary activity. In truth, you have complex and very specific needs and this is why I blend my three-pillared approach into a tailored scope of work to deliver your brief. To discuss your needs, please do get in touch.
Harvey Lee
Fractional Product Marketer and CMO
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* 2022 exit survey of 41 Directors and Vice Presidents of Product Marketing who attending a PMA Global Briefing.