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  • Interview Preparation.
    With 1,000 applications per role, it's a buyer's market. Struggling with marketing job searches, interviews without offers, or being ghosted? I've been there and lived to tell about it. I can help you get that job.
  • Career Coaching.
    "How do I get promoted?" "How should I structure my team?" After 25 years in marketing, I can answer that for you. You get my hard-won, proven strategies to help you meet your career goals.
  • Mentoring.
    Let's start with the basics, nurturing your expertise every step of the way. We'll expand your horizons by connecting you with industry leaders. I'm here for the journey, supporting you as you begin or advance in your career.
  • New Author Coaching.
    90% of new authors fail. Most lack an understanding of book publishing marketing. Others don't know their publishing options. I've been through it all with my award-winning number one book, so you don't have to.
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Advantage, You.
Your Heart-to-Heart Career Talk.
Harsh truth. The marketing industry is overcrowded. For every job you apply for, so do 300–1,000 candidates.

Some are fresh graduates. Ready to work for less. Others are experienced marketers laid off from big companies.

To survive and thrive in this competitive era, you need a different perspective. Someone to reveal why companies keep hiring someone else.

And an actionable plan that will get you where you want to be.

Over the last two decades, I've worked for big brands. I hired marketers. I've been laid off. I changed my career path.

Whatever you're going through, I've been there. And met the challenge.

Now, I want to help you build the exciting career you deserve.

I'm here to offer you the perspective, motivation and personalised action plan you've been missing. Shall we get started?
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Client Love ❤️
  • Harvey is exceptional! He simplifies the complex and is an absolute straight shooter, which I appreciate. His mentoring services don't just meet expectations; they exceed anything I had in mind. I've learned so much in just two sessions. Highly recommend 1:1 coaching/mentoring for professional growth or career transition.
    Katy Lyall
    Sr. Group Marketing Manager formerly Intuitive
  • Harvey was a significant support in my journey to find a Product Marketing role. His deep expertise and understanding of what it takes to land a PMM position really helped me. I'm truly grateful for the encouragement he offered throughout the hiring process. If you're aiming to secure a new role or need guidance in Product Marketing, I'd definitely suggest reaching out to Harvey. His support is brilliant!
    Amy Halls
    Product Marketing Manger Unily
  • I worked with Harvey at Microsoft a number of years ago and after he left he jumped successfully from B2C to B2B. When I was looking to make the transition myself to B2B, Harvey was a wonderful resource. I asked for his help and time to mentor me during the interview process and I am so grateful that I did! I would highly recommend Harvey.
    Helen Reidy
    Director of Product & Customer Marketing Hotjar
  • I got in touch with Harvey as I was impressed with his ability to really help sell myself in job applications and interviews. He was also able to help me with some very useful PMM industry and market positioning data and input, allowing me to understand better what's going on in this specific job space at the moment.
    Ralph Bullock
    Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Working with Harvey was one of the best decisions I ever made. Within weeks (yes, weeks!), I regained my confidence, found clarity on my goals, built a plan for achieving those goals, and...I achieved them!

    Harvey is everything you can ask for in a mentor. He works in a structured manner, gives honest feedback, provides invaluable advice that you can actually implement, and motivates you when you need it.

    Choose to work with Harvey and put in the work. You won't regret it!
    Mardien Drew
    Customer Marketing Lead
  • I've known Harvey for a long time, and he has always impressed me with his professionalism and enthusiasm. This carries through to his career consultancy. I have been lucky not to need any help with my career until recently, and his knowledge in this field has been invaluable. He has opened my eyes to the complexity of the current job-hunting market, and his advice and hands-on help will yield the results I need at this very difficult time.

    I do not doubt that anyone, whether a new job seeker or someone at the sunset of their career, will have no regrets about consulting with Harvey. His skills and expertise are transferable to all careers, not just in Product Marketing.
    David Lawrence
    Key Account Director
  • Harvey is refreshingly direct—no fluff, no filler. He has an intrinsic ability to 'get' you, offering not just advice but a clear, actionable roadmap. In a job market filled with uncertainty, Harvey is a beacon of clarity and insight. If you're looking to unlock your potential and advance professionally, Harvey is your go-to.
    Bianca R. Galan
    Product Marketing Senior Associate
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