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Demonstrating Value - Are your features a Royale with Cheese?
Or are you eating from the 99c menu? Let's discuss why features in themselves are not valuable the different ways we can demonstrate value and why you should never, ever stop demonstrating value. Ever.

The Power of Packaging - Are You a Super Hero or a Super Villain?
Let's discuss the purpose of packaging, the role it plays in helping (or hindering) customer choice and a sobering reminder not to forget about the seemingly boring but ultimately really important stuff.

Goodbye iPod - you were a positioning masterclass that every marketer needs to take.
The plaudits claim its success was down to incredible product design and distinctiveness (oh those white headphones!) but there's another reason that no-one is talking about.
Fender and Wrangler. A co-brand marriage made in rock and roll heaven?
Will Wrangler shake their cowboy image or does this do more for Fender?
What did we really learn from the WhatsApp privacy debacle?
A year on, was it really the end of the messaging service as we knew it?
What can marketers learn from the Champions League final?
The sports world can't learn much from business but the business world can learn plenty from sports.
Teslas postcard from the future (2030)
Tesla's position now and in the future. The impact of genuine competition and the potential market options open to Musk and Co.
Is Ryanair's Jab and Go campaign really Jab or No?
Did the budget airline just break the first rule of consumer orientation?
What the PMA's Product Marketing Salary Survey 2020 Report Means for You.
Why the more you learn, the more you earn matters, as does where you live.
Positioning vs narrative design: let's get ready to rumble!
If you feel conflicted about which methos to use, read on.
What the PMA's State of Product Marketing 2020 report means to you.
Product Marketing is in rude health but some common traits remain.
How to Measure Your Impact in the Workplace.
Not everything that counts can be counted, not everything that be counted, counts.
How To Ace A Job Interview.
Learn how to prepare, use body language and talk about money.
Finding a job in the Covid-19 Era.
Everything's changed but nothing has changed.

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